Chinese Therapy Balls
How to Use Chinese Therapy Balls
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How to Use Chinese Therapy Balls

As a beginner you should start with medium sized balls.  A women is suggested to start with 35 to 40mm sized balls while a man is suggested to try 40 to 45 mm balls.  If you have large hands, you can move up to 50 mm balls as well.

There are multiple ways of using chinese therapy balls.  The most common technique is just rotating them with your fingers in your hand in a clockwise motion. Basically, you start with two balls in your hand and your thumb pushes one ball in a circular motion downward while your fingers pull the other ball in a circular motion upward.  Then your fingers pass on the ball their are holding on to your thumb while your thumb passes its ball to your fingers. 

However, there are a few exercises you can try out when you want more of a challenge.

1. Try rotating the balls without the balls touching each other.  This becomes more difficult with the larger balls. 

2. Try rotating the balls with your palm facing down.  This exercise is much harder with larger balls as you have to keep a tight grip on the balls at all times so they don't fall.  Make sure to practice this exercise over something soft.

3. Use 3 balls in one hand.  You can either keep the balls in a triangle formation or in a line formation.  While rotating them as a triangle, the challenge is keeping the balls together which takes greater coordination.  Use can also put a 4th ball on top of the triangle and try to rotate the 4th ball by rotating the bottom 3 balls.

4. Rotate in the opposite direction.  For most people rotating the balls clockwise in your right hand is easy, but takes much more skill to rotate them the other direction.  Once you master both directions, try changing them back and forth smoothly.

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