Chinese Therapy Balls
How to Use Chinese Therapy Balls
Artistic Chime Balls
Artistic Chime Balls

When looking for therapy balls, the most common type are the plain chrome balls.  However, many factories now produce artistic balls which are hand painted.  They use the cloisonne technique which is a ancient and popular metalworking and enameling technique in China found in much of Chinese arts such as their vases.  If you search around, you will find that the therapy balls come in many variety of designs.  Popular ones include yin and yang, dragon and phoenix, and sun and moon designs. 

Once the chime has been placed into the center of the ball and wielded shut, the surface of the ball is grinded smooth.  Artists then bend copper forming cells to create their designs on the ball. 

Using a variety of enamel colors, the artist will fill each cell with a color using small tools. 

Once the balls have been painted, an expoxy resin coating is applied to the balls and air dried.  This process is repeated until the coating reaches the desired thickness and gives the balls a glossy professional finish.  The protective coating makes the ball water and smudge resistant and protects the enamel from fading.

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